• 18k banger

  • 2pc 18k gold set

  • Vintage Bagel

  • YP DMD Apple Watch Band

  • WHT Band Minimal

  • PR SPRT Sunglasses

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  • I made my first purchase using the discount coupon and I don't regret a thing. Handmade Jewelry is jewelry that is unique and that you can use every day.

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  • I gave your business the opportunity, I was one of your first clients and we are still here. I love your unique jewelry and the style that your products give to my outfit every day.

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  • I love the collection of accessories. I still have my Bag , I bought it from you 2 years ago, it is still intact, definitely high quality.

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  • I love everything. From contact lenses to all your jewelry. The limited edition collection is one of my top ones since it is jewelry that never comes back and is unique.

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